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Chimney stacks on the roof of a Victorian terrace house


Phil's Chimney Sweep will carry out a thorough investigation to find any faults or problems with your chimney and fireplace. Contact Phil today for chimney cleaning in Macclesfield.


Firstly Phil will check the roof for cracks or damage caused by weather or fire. The flaunch (the platform the pots sit on), bricks and mortar, and lead flashing for defects, repointing or repairs.


Internally the chimney flue will be examined for any obvious blockages and/or damage. Following this, the fireback, hearth and surround will be inspected.


After the chimney is serviced, a smoke test will be performed to detect any problems with the draw and ventilation. If the test is successful a full service certificate of safety will be issued with any advisory issues highlighted.

We inspect the chimney flue for any blockage or damage. We then examine the fireback, hearth and surround. Following this, we perform a smoke test to detect any issues with the draw and ventilation. Following a successful test, we issue a certificate of safety along with advisories if any.

3 chimney stacks
Smoke rising from a chimney in winter


  • Brush and vacuum clean and tidy

  • Chimney pots and bird guards supplied and fitted

  • Down draughts and smoke problems cured

  • Survey and estimate for sweep

  • Gutter maintenance

  • Pest control including wasps, squirrels, moles and voles

  • Gas and oil liners fitted

  • Chimney stacks re-pointed, capped and unblocked

  • All work guaranteed

  • Installation of wood burners and coal inserts, firesides, and firebacks (HETAS)

  • Flues and liners fitted.

Birds' Nests & Pest Control

The Signs

Finding the presence of twigs in the fireplace. Most commonly, jackdaws, squirrels or starlings like to nest in chimneys. Birds that have built nests previously in your chimney will often return the following year to nest in the same place.


Jackdaws are noisy first thing in the morning and chatter to each other.


Bird Guards

To prevent this occurring a bird guard should be fitted when the nest is empty. Otherwise, trapped/dead birds will need to be removed, as they can also block the chimney flue.


Gutters also need to be cleaned out regularly, as they attract insects, which in turn attract the jackdaws and birds. If you have plastic or aluminium guttering, a mesh can be fitted over the entire length of your guttering to prevent this happening again.


Bees, wasps and other insects also make use of the warmth and shelter in your chimney. These cause as many problems as those associated with other forms of wildlife. A beehive/wasps' nest could be blocking the flue, thus causing a build-up of dangerous smoke and fumes.


A blocked chimney may result in smoke or lethal carbon monoxide coming into your home, and can even cause a chimney fire. So, keeping your chimney clear of blockages is vital!


Squirrels can be a problem, but usually, once the nest is destroyed these furry creatures will vacate and make a new home somewhere else. To prevent a return visit you should consider having an appropriate cowling fitted (available from Phil's Chimney Sweep).



Do not attempt to clear a nest from your chimney by lighting a fire; you will simply fill your home with smoke or you could cause a chimney fire.


There is only one safe way to clear a nest or other blockage from your chimney and that's to have it removed properly and safely by a competent person with appropriate equipment and knowledge.


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